Project Info

Hairstyle UCLA

Perloff Gallery, UCLA 2004

hirsute adj.
1. hairy; shaggy.
2. covered with long, rather stiff hairs.
3. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of hair. [hirsutus rough, shaggy, bristly; akin to horrid]

This exhibition traces the development of a hirsute sensibility in the work of Los Angeles-based Gnuform. Originating in a series of interwoven experiments involving linework and particle animation, Gnuform's research moved from abstract morphological studies toward speculation on architectural applications.

The projects selected here mark critical moments in the evolution of this sensibility. Each has been edited to highlight its hirsute qualities and amplify its connection to the rest of the work. These connections are more tangled than straight and multiple genealogies run through the overall assemblage.

Gnuform: Jason Payne, Heather Roberge
Photos © Benny Chan, Fotoworks

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