Project Info

Luminous Bodies

UCLA 2007

This temporary installation was the site of a reception honoring Toyo Ito and hosted by the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA. The project had an ambitious, four week schedule and a limited budget. The installation included furnishings and the introduction of five 7-foot diameter luminous bodies. Each body was an involuted tube of orange shimmering fabric suspended from steel rings. The mirrored organza fabric of gold and red threads shifted colors as one moved about the space. The suspended bodies lowered the ceiling height of the space and covered the reception inhabitants in a warm, orange glow. From a distance, the luminous bodies announced the event through an expansive glass façade.

murmur: Heather Roberge

murmur | 6404 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 329, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323.382.0191