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Pillow Fort

Boffo Building Fashion Competition, New York, 2011

Pillow Fort creates a unique environment for shopping and exhibition beneath a luminous blanket of inflated pillows. The blanket softens the geometry of the existing room and creates residual spaces, which may be used for storage or trying on garments. Alcoves are embedded within the blanket and may be configured to accommodate various displays. Undulations reveal or conceal displays as one moves through the space. The atmosphere is intimate, playful, and unpretentious. The pillows are made of heat-welded polyethylene, a durable, lightweight material commonly used in packaging. When backlit, the material transmits a diffuse glow. The intensity of the light is modulated to create a slow, pulsing effect, which alters the apparent weight and mass of the blanket. Pillows are assembled into a network using grommets and zip-ties. Zippers are used at select locations to provide access to spaces beyond, including a changing room. In seating areas, the pillows are filled with upholstery foam rather than air. Display alcoves are made of 1/4” white acrylic mounted to steel frames. The aesthetic is refined, yet distinctly temporary. In keeping with the design inspirations and ambitions of Lake and Stars, Pillow Fort aims to create an environment that is simultaneously dislocating and comforting. The pillows meter the space and set up an infrastructure for display that encourages exploration and interaction. The glow and voluptuous forms of Pillow Fort provide a superb complement to the monochromatic, architectural shapes of the Lake and Stars brand.

The overall system provides maximum effect with minimum material. It is lightweight, easy to transport, quick to deploy and requires little modification to the existing space. Polyethylene ASFR-6 is highly durable and meets NFPA standards for fire resistance. It is also fully recyclable. All primary components will be fabricated off site to minimize installation time.

murmur: Heather Roberge

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