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Between the Sheets

Developing Superformed Aluminum with Plastic
UCLA Technology Seminar 2007-2008

Digital design has given rise to formal experimentation that outpaces advancements in construction methods. This technology seminar attempts to choreograph formal experiments in step with computer aided manufacturing processes such that the two are linked from the outset. Participants design and prototype formed aluminum panel arrays for use in building envelopes. In order to incorporate highly crafted, custom panel manufacture, the design proposals will limit tooling costs by limiting unit types. The unit will be understood as a tessellation unit capable of drawing topographic fields with geometric rhythm. Modulation of pattern, shape and texture are the primary design techniques with each relying heavily on intense fields of geometric description.

Professor: Heather Roberge
SATIN SHEETS, 2007, Miguel Alvarez, Daniel Carper, Alissa Hisoire, Carrie Smith
SHIATSU, 2007, Michael Ben-Meir, Kyle Miller, Marcin Szef
FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, 2007, Linda Fu, Craig Hoverman, Eric Leishman, Justin Williams
BUSTA LINES, 2008, Laura Goard, Chao Chen, Kristen Willey, Danny Rentsch
INTESTINES AND ROSES, 2008, Megan DuBois, Rona Karp, Drew Pusey, Matt Thomson
PANEL, 2008, Joseph Bryant, LeMoyne Harwell, Andrew Kao, Brendan Muha
SOFT SERVE, 2008, Michael Kmak, Justin Rice, Cristina Toma
TONGUE IN CHEEK, 2008, Kris Hedges, Caren Currie, Adam Fingrut, Mark Boardman

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