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Satin Sheets

Miguel Alvarez, Daniel Carper, Alissa Hisoire, Carrie Smith

Through the aggregation of one panel shape as a tessellated field, variation in multiple panel orientations renders an immense amount of organizational possibilities. The intentional use of a hexagonal panel maximizes the combination of abutting sides and exhausts the rotational capacity of a single shape. The articulation of field linework within the homogenous shape allows us to develop field effects that materialize from multiple panel combinations. In order to achieve varied field effects, we developed two sets of panel morphologies that subtly differ in their textural and surface shading, but remain completely analogous to the hexagonal boundary and side profile.

The optical effect of our strategy generates an aqueous grain that seamlessly transitions between conditions of laminar flows to turbulent ones throughout the field, similar to the effects of water or the swirling of clouds. As a result of this continuous transition between panels, the seams of the rigid hexagonal shape dissolve into the dominant surface grain allowing the field effects of the tessellated panel to emerge.

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