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Kris Hedges, Caren Currie, Adam Fingrut, Mark Boardman

The purpose of our project is to exploit the concept of tactility by activating the panel morphology a through a variety of operations including extrusion, saddling, and undercutting. These panels when tessellated take on the capacity to nest, canoodle and diverge: all of which collectively begin to activate the facade to yield larger field effects of zippering and parting. Although the panel itself is simple, the collective morphology formulates a complex dialogue with the viewer. The panels seek to mimic a surface similar to that of latex where the elastic surface appears viscous and flows continuously from panel-to-panel. The panel nose acts as an anchor, providing the panel with direction and energy. Finally to further emphasize the panel system’s tactility, the panel system itself ultimately peels away from the facade, enveloping the viewer.

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