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Joseph Bryant, LeMoyne Harwell, Andrew Kao, Brendan Muha

An interest in maximum variation of line and of field quality within the regularity of tessellated panel accumulation guided the development of our system. Creating the desired amount of differentiation across the tessellation necessitated a flexible system providing rotational and orientational freedom. Ultimately this was achieved by using tiles that were geometrically simple while generating a directional or biased system of linework that regularized itself at the edges, maintaining the compatibility and congruency from tile to tile. To create biases within the field, the linework within a tile generates certain controlled directionalities while maintaining a consistent edge condition so as to create continuities across tile boundaries under all circumstances. This panel system is comprised of two units: one based on an equilateral hexagon and the other on an equilateral triangle. These simple geometries are angularly and dimensionally congruent, allowing the system to be almost infinitely flexible in permutations of tessellation.

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