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New Taipei City Museum of Art

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Our proposal wears a loose cloak of color that sweeps lightly across the landscape, leaving elegant contours in its wake. Resembling large sails, the building’s surfaces appear to flutter as lenticular color effects enliven its surfaces. The building’s figure remains elusive like a body concealed behind a loose dress. This elusiveness animates the project’s changing silhouette and draws relationships between the project and the surrounding urban fabric. Despite its large scale, the museum experience is punctuated by unique and dramatic spaces that move from vast and horizontal to tall and sculptural. Our galleries are both separated and connected by interstitial voids that cascade through the interior and organize visitor circulation. While our cloak protects artwork from the heat and potential damage of direct daylight, it also opens public amenity and lobby spaces to the exterior and defines outdoor spaces including a central art plaza where visitors and staff alike gather for events and exhibitions.

Our cloak draws the organizational and the cosmetic together through the use of sheet logics. The project’s surfaces, both its envelopes and suspended roof canopies, are clad in colorful, glazed ceramic extrusions, capitalizing on the robust ceramics industry of the Yingge District. Each extrusion is v-shaped with unequal faces. The smaller face is glazed a deep blue color. The larger face changes from vibrant yellow to rich purple depending on its location on the building. Here, color is selected in relation to solar exposure, spatial adjacency and massing. The color deepens as spaces become more enclosed and immersive. Across the project, color is not assigned to individual faces; rather it is allowed to roll over corners and creases. This heightens the experience of the façade as vast, flowing sheets. High contrast colors are selected for the outer faces of the building to captivate viewers from a distance while subtle color variations are selected for the pedestrian spaces of the central art plaza.

murmur: Heather Roberge

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