Project Info

Ultra Violet

MoCA, A New Sculpturalism Installation Proposal, Los Angeles, California 2012

Our proposal collapses several trajectories of architectural and cultural production into a surprisingly thin shell. In order to avoid structural expression in the familiar forms of post and beam, frame and skin or form-active membrane, our proposal configures a thin, thermoformed aluminum surface to produce a network of stable forms that collectively carry their own weight and resist applied loads. The spatial qualities of the pavilion captivate museum visitors as legible function recedes and material expression comes to the foreground. As guests enter, explore and rest, they discover rich spatial variety. Small niches rhythmically curl up to shape a resting space for twenty. The proposal evokes associations with objects from both high and popular culture. We embraced its affinities to Richard Serra’s Torqued Ellipse series, to Alvar Aalto’s glass vases and to flocked vinyl cartoon figures as a means to heighten and expand visitor engagement.

murmur: Heather Roberge

murmur | 6404 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 329, Los Angeles, CA 90028 | 323.382.0191